Unique patterns for handcrafted bags.

What I believe is very healthy for creativity. Below, you can see different works from different seasons. I've applied several techniques like special markers for leather, or leather paint, or leather dyes. It depends on the result I'm looking for.

I would like to dedicate this section to the part of the process where I draw and paint the patterns. The most creative one and which I enjoy the most. Make the patters directly over the final support allows me to scape for a little while from the mechanical process of work. 

SatchelHgrecas1 copy.jpg
SatchelHgrecas3 copy.jpg
gaudianers2 copy 2.jpg

I love draw and paint geometrical and abstract compositions playing with colours or simple black sober lines. 

DRAWING9.12 copy.jpg
DRAWING copy.jpg
DRAWING13.1 copy.jpg

It does not last very long though, but It happens very often in this stage of the creative process.

Above, at the studio, getting lost between colours and shapes. I really enjoy the moment when my studio is totally a mess but my brain is focused and knows exactly what it wants. 

taller8 copy.jpg
taller11 copy.jpg
EMCdrwg1 copy.jpg

I am such a big fan of classical sailor stripes too. I love navy and white combination with natural leather. I find it timeless and very summery. I do apply this pattern from time to time over different types of leathers and different shapes.

cookiemarinero1 copy.jpg