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about the process

About the process of making a bag.

The first stage of the process involves design and creativity. This is a beautiful and very enjoyable first step.

Then when I have the design and the material chosen, it is time to study the shape.

I would like to tell you how I make a handcrafted bag.

It is a long and labored process, which I can show you with the priceless help of my friend and photographer Catalina Pérez, who took these beautiful pictures spending one day at the studio.


It is important to check how the sizes and proportions work. I love how the model looks made out of cardboard.

I put into paper or cardboard the idea and I build a 3D model version of it, in order to get closer to the final result.


I must let it dry very well before I give it the finish product to fix the colours and protect the leather. Next steps are: cutting off the shape of the bag, punching all the holes needed to stitch and place all the metal pieces. After that, I will work the edges, nourish the leather with creams and prepare the shape with the hands to be assembled.

In this particular case, I am working on a painted bag. So the next step is making the pattern. I made a previous study of the pattern on paper and several examples over the leather or the specific material which is going to be used. When I find the result I am looking for, or even a better one, I start to paint the pattern on the definitive material. 


It is very nice to offer something different to each person who chooses to buy something you have made.

Painting the patterns by hand allows me emphasize more the fact that they are unique, by changing colours or improvising compositions for example.


So I have to calculate very well how much thread I am going to need each time. The bag is not lined so It must be clean and well finished inside.

I'm almost finishing. I do the assemblage part, stitching by hand with double needle and a thick, strong and waxed thread.

I like to stitch the whole bag with just one piece of thread. 


And that's it, a new unique piece by Pendular Pocket is available. I hope you've enjoyed seeing the process.

Once I've checked there is not flaws, I like to nourish the leather again, as the final touch, once the bag is been finished. 


Thank you!! ^_^